For over 60 years, the Fort Myers Beach Art Association has been providing a place for artists to meet and create in the Ft. Myers Beach area. The association is a working gallery that offers classes, workshops and times for free painting. Exhibitions and programs run throughout the year and are open to members as well as to the general public. The association also runs a gallery for selling original pieces of art.

Not only does the Fort Myers Beach Art Association offer opportunities for artists to work while in Ft. Myers Beach, they also provide classes and workshops to encourage education and appreciation of art. Workshops run with a particular artist to help painters of all levels improve their styles. They can be taken for the full week or for just one or two days. Classes run throughout the year and enrolment can be by class or for a series while in Ft. Myers Beach.

During the week, paint in and paint out groups meet to paint together and share experiences. All meetings are loosely organized with no instruction taking place. These sessions are open to members as well as seasonal visitors. The goal is to provide a way to paint in a welcoming atmosphere surrounded by other painters. One day a week, a portrait and life painting group meets to allow artists to practice working with a live model.

If you are an artist and you are on vacation in Ft. Myers Beach, the Fort Myers Beach Art Association can provide all you need to continue to practice your art. Becoming a member is not required, but is available for those that are in the area for longer periods of time. Being on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t keep painting!

Contact Information

PO Box 2359
Fort Myers Beach
United States