Our Beautiful Island

Great Guana Cay is an island located in the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas. It is a long and very narrow island with one of the longest beaches in the Bahamas stretching for five miles along the Atlantic edge. This is a sparsely populated location with only about 150 people living there permanently in a settlement stretching along the beach.

Because the island is so small, accommodation is booked quickly. It is not unheard of for places to booked solid one year in advance. As such, if you are planning on visiting the island during your vacation, whether staying in one of the hotel or resorts, quaint beach houses or luxury villa rentals, it’s important to do arrange your accommodation as soon as possible.

Things To Do

Even though any visit to this islet is definitely on island time, it has a great social scene. The highlight of the week is the wild boar roast at Nippers on Sunday afternoon, where the beach and local music can be enjoyed all day and well into the evening. Another popular activity in these parts is boating, both sailing and motor are used to explore the beautiful Sea of Abaco.

Places To Go

Great Guana Cay is known for its tropical landscape both above and below the water. It is home to one of the best surviving coral reefs in all of the Bahamas, making it an idyllic location for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. There is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy fishing a number of different types of fish, including bonefish in the shallow waters of the Abaco Sea.

On land, a large swatch of virgin forest ensures that many migrating birds visit the islet, including many species that are only found in the Abacos. On the beaches, many different species of turtles nest throughout the year.

As well as its reputation as an environmental haven, Great Guana Cay has a rich history dating back to the British loyalists escaping the US in the 1700s. This is seen in the architecture of buildings dotted around the islet.

Getting Around The Island

Great Guana Cay is not a large island and if you want to expore it, there are basically two modes of transportation besides walking. For those who wish to travel to more remote parts of the island, both golf cart and bicycle rentals are available. To visit the surround islands and cays, a sail boat or motor boat can be rented.

Getting To and From The Island

Travel to Great Guana Cay is solely by boat, either ferry or private or rental. Any visitors arriving by air will have to land in either Marsh Harbour or Treasure Cay. A ferry runs daily between Marsh Harbour and Great Guana Cay. For those who are arriving from outside Abaco by boat, they will have to enter initially through one of five ports of entry. From the ports of entry, all boats are welcome to travel to Great Guana Cay.


Great Guana Cay is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a romantic getaway, a relaxing retreat or a fun-filled family adventure.

Fast Facts

  1. Local currency – Bahamian dollar (US dollars also accepted
  2. Average Temp – Average daytime high of 77 - 88 F
  3. Visa Needed (from USA) – No
  4. Latitude and Longitude of principal city – Marsh Harbour - 26°31'42.5?N 78°41'47.7?W
  5. High Season dates – December - April
  6. Pets Allowed – Yes with permit
  7. Which side of the road do they drive on – Left
  8. Amount of airport departure tax - $15 for all passengers over the age of 6
  9. Don’t miss these events –