Our Beautiful Island

In the Bahamas, one of the most visually stunning islands is Bimini. Made up of two islands, North and South Bimini, this tropical paradise is located on the edge of an underwater cliff that drops thousands of feet into the deep blue sea. Not only are these islands a fishing and diving dream land, but they share a unique and interesting history. From rumrunners during the Prohibition days of the U.S. to Ernest Hemingway, Bimini is a truly distinctive location to visit for your Caribbean holiday. From the most basic room to historic inns, modern hotels and condos and luxury villa rentals, there is accommodation for all visitors to the islands.

A mere 10 miles south of Bimini, you will discover Cat Cay. Again, this is made up of two distinct islands, North Cat Cay and South Cat Cay. Although North Cat Cay has a history dating back to Blackbeard the pirate and the American Civil War, it is currently a private, member’s only island. The entire island is run by the Cat Cay Yacht Club, and non-members can visit only if invited by a member of the Yacht Club. Fishing for marlin, tuna and other big game fish is popular on this small island.

Things To Do

Bimini is a favorite for divers and fishermen alike. The Gulf Stream rushes past the island creating the ideal environment for coral reefs and big game fish. All manner of tropical fish, as well as sea turtles and dolphins, can be interacted with around the island. Divers can also visit numerous wrecks and a rock formation that is believed to be Atlantis. Bonefish, marlin, tuna, plus many other fish, can be fished for year round. For the sports fishing enthusiasts, tournaments are held year round. Sail boat and motor boat rentals are also available at the two ports on Bimini.

Land lovers need not despair as there is also plenty to enjoy during a visit to Bimini. Beautiful white sand beaches abound on Bimini, with most being located on the western side of North Bimini. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying the beautiful emerald waters and lush vegetation that surround these pristine beaches, making these some of the most romantic beaches in all of the Bahamas.

Places To Go

There are many historical and natural landmarks across Bimini that can be visited during your vacation. Divers can follow the Bimini Road, which is stretch of limestone relics that is believed to be the road to Atlantis. There are also numerous sites for both advanced and beginner divers to explore, including the Bimini Wall, Spanish gallows and a WWI freighter.

On land, nature lovers can explore the Bimini Nature Trail. This trail leads across the island and highlights plants and animals that call Bimini home, including the Bimini Boa, which is endemic to the island. Bathing in the Healing Hole is believed to provide a calming and spiritual experience. Finally, the Fountain of Youth is rumored to be located in the flats of South Bimini.

Getting Around The Island

Bimini is a laid back island, where the pace is slow and steady. Taxis and car rental agencies are available for travel around the island.

Getting To and From The Island

You can travel to the islands by air of by sea. Direct flights are offered by Continental from Fort Lauderdale to the airport located on South Bimini, otherwise you can fly via Nassau or Freeport. The flight from Fort Lauderdale takes about 30 minutes. Once a week, a ferry runs from Nassau to Bimini.


Whether you are looking for a family holiday spent in a beach side resort, or an adventure filled vacation spent in and on the water, Bimini is sure to please.

Fast Facts

  1. ocal currency – Bahamian dollar (US dollars also accepted)
  2. Average Temp – Average daytime high of mid 70s to mid 80s
  3. Visa Needed (from USA) – No
  4. Latitude and Longitude of principal city – Alice Town - 25.727694°N 79.2976°W
  5. High Season dates – December - April
  6. Pets Allowed – Yes with permit
  7. Which side of the road do they drive on – Left
  8. Amount of airport departure tax - $15 for all passengers over the age of 6 (for all of the Bahamas it seems)
  9. Don’t miss these events – Junkanoo Summer Festival – every Friday of July
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