Covering 2,200 acres of the Florida Everglades, the Billie Swamp Safari is located about 2 hours away from Ft. Myers Beach.  The Seminole Tribe of Florida has maintained and preserved this area of land so that you can witness the beauty of this unique habitat. The entire family can enjoy a fun-filled and adventurous day as you travel through the pristine beauty of the safari by air boat or swamp buggy. You can get up close and personal with native plants and animals in their natural environment. For a change of scenery from the stunning white sands of the beach, head inland to the Billie Swamp Safari for a day you won’t forget.

You can experience the Everglades like never before with the airboat and swamp buggy rides offered at the Billie Swamp Safari. Experienced and knowledgeable guides will have you speeding along the airboat trail, where you can see alligators, turtles, snakes and fish in their natural environment. The award winning 60 minute swamp buggy tour will take you through the wetlands of the Everglades. As you splash through the area in the customized, elevated buggies, you will learn all about this fragile ecosystem.

Private VIP tours provide an in-depth 90 minute tour of the area, plus a 20 minute airboat ride with your own personalized guide. The arrival area of the Billie Swamp Safari is laid out like an authentic Seminole village. Visitors can indulge in Seminole delicacies as well as American dishes at the Swamp Water Café. Live animal and bird exhibits occur throughout the day for all to enjoy. The boardwalk takes you for a quarter mile nature walk out into the swamp and under the cypress domes. For the truly adventurous, overnight accommodations are available in traditional chickees, which are Seminole dwellings with thatched roofs.

The opportunity to visit the Billie Swamp Safari is one not to be missed. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Everglades will envelope you as you wander along the nature trail, or delve deeper into the swamp on one of the buggies or airboats.

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